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James Beard Dinner

Posted in James Beard House with tags , on February 7, 2011 by Chris Amendola

Our Snout to Tail Dinner was Friday night at the James Beard House in NYC.  Six Berkshire farm-to-table chefs, including myself, prepared a multi-course dinner using an entire hog grown specifically for this event.

Berkshires Farm and Table was posting pictures and videos of us throughout the night on Facebook. Be sure to check them out.

We started with canapes. These are house made corn dogs that Brian Alberg, Chef of Red Lion Inn, did up for this event.

Next, bacon bloody marys. These were made by Matt Duley, Sous Chef of the Red Lion Inn. Other canapes included braised trotter and tail croquettes made by Nick Moulton, Sous Chef of Mezze,  chorizo with local heirloom potatoes made by Lester Blumenthal from Route 7 Grill and I did pork rinds with ranch powder.

Here is Nick’s first course. He did porchetta di testa with house made pickles. This came out awesome, it was the perfect balance of fatty cured pork and acidity. For those that don’t know what porchetta di testa is; it is a pigs face terrine. The whole face is deboned, then rolled and cured, then cooked very slowly.

This was Lester’s dish. He made pulled pork with a smoked corn puree, cilantro oil and crispy onions. The contrast in colors was awesome. The corn was bright yellow and the oil a vibrant green, very nice. The corn, from Taft Farm, was preserved last summer.

This was my dish. I did my version of South Carolina BBQ; 48 hour sous vide spare rib, mustard kimchee and SC style BBQ sauce.  I was very happy with the way my dish came out, tasted like I was back in the South.

None of my pictures of Brian’s dish came out. I will hunt around for a good picture of his dish from some of the others pictures. He did maple cured pork loin with hominy and braised kale.  It was great; a nice mix of flavors and textures.

The picture above is Matt’s dish. It is house cured bacon with a deep fried egg, house made cheddar bread and arugula salad. Awesome dish as well, I love deep fried eggs.

This is Dan’s dish. Spiced chocolate cake with bacon caramel and coffee ice cream. Several of my favorite foods all on one plate, needless to say it was really good.

This is the view from my hotel room. One thing I really love about being in NYC are the views from places like this.

Overall the dinner went really well. The guests thoroughly enjoyed their dinner and we had a blast doing it. Thanks again to Brian for inviting us along with him on this dinner.