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Posted in cured ham with tags on April 13, 2011 by Chris Amendola

After 9 months of checking on the hams every few weeks and waiting patiently, we finally decided to break into the first one we started curing back in August.

I wish cameras could take pictures with smell, the sweet buttery smell of country ham was amazing. This one came out better than I was ever expecting. Our first attempt at curing a ham tasted like a little slice of heaven.

House cured country ham served with smoked honey and buttermilk biscuits.

We made stock out of the ham bone. I wish one of my farmers had collard greens so we could cook collards and beans in this liquid gold.


Hams part 3

Posted in cured ham with tags on January 26, 2011 by Chris Amendola

It was time to check on our hams the other day and also change out the cheese cloth wrapping. When I unwrapped them I was very excited at what I found.

This is the first ham we started back in August. It was almost fully covered in good mold and it had already started pushing out crystals of salt.

Here are the three hams we’re curing. I recapped the meat end with lard then wrapped them back up and rehung them. I’ll check on them again in a couple weeks.  I can’t wait until they have finished curing in a couple of months.