Foraging for Mushrooms

We had the pleasure of going on a foraging trip with a professional forager. He does most of his foraging in Maine and sends it to David Chang’s restaurants in NYC.

We found a lot of mushrooms, most of which were not edible.

We came across this one which I thought was a chicken of the woods, but it wasn’t.

We found some wild fall oyster mushrooms growing on a maple tree which was cool to see growing in the woods.

I forgot the name of these which were the ones we saw the most. They are not edible but they looked really cool growing up this tree.

This was one of the coolest mushrooms we found. It’s called Witches Butter. The texture was incredible. It was like a gummy bear, maybe a little softer of a gel, that tasted like mushrooms. I wish we found a lot more of these, I would love to use them in a dish.

Over all we didn’t really find enough of the edible ones to keep, but still had a great time learning what to look for and seeing all the different kinds. This is something I would really love to learn more about. It would be great to go out every morning and pick fresh mushrooms for the day.

The forager brought some mushrooms with him that he had found that day and the day before. Left to right we have; matsutake (incredible and very fragrant), top right hedge hogs, then the ones under those are the wild oysters and to the right is black trumpet which is my personal favorite.


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