Sous Vide

The new Sous Vide Professional circulator arrived today from Poly Science. Mine died about a month ago, anyone know where I can get it fixed? We are able to sous vide again, which I am very happy about.


2 Responses to “Sous Vide”

  1. If it’s a polyscience circulator you can send it to them but they will need to run diagnostics. Two of ours died over a year ago, we sent them in, the motors and heating element had burned out. Granted we beat the hell out of them with al the sous vide we do for the restaurant. We got a $500 quote to fix each one. Didn’t seem worth it when you can get a brand new one for $800. We said no thanks and got hit with a $250 bill for the testing, and shipping the broken circulator back. I get it, they need to pay for the testing but we have spent over $7000 dollars with them on antigriddles and circulators in the past. Not sure if anyone else can fix them, let me know if you find someone on the side to fix it, I still have two broken circulators sitting in storage.

    • Chris Amendola Says:

      Yeah, Its a poly science one as well. I think the heating element went out on it. It still curculates but just doesnt heat. I was thinking about sending it back to Polu Science but now that you say that I think I might just sit on it until I come across some one that can fix it. But ill let you know if I find some one that can fix it.

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