The New Team Member

I would like introduce everyone to 290.1 (tag number), 290.2 did not make it back to Allium with us, he stayed at Mezze. We received 290.1 from a local farm in the northern part of Mass. Hes going to be around our restaurant for a little while.

Once we broke him down, we started with the curing. First was the ham which I decided to make into a country ham. Just did it in a simple cure because we really wanted to keep a strong flavor of the ham. It was cured with TCM, salt and brown sugar.

I was reading online last night that when making a country ham, use an opened brown paper bag to wrap around the ham; I decided to give it a try.

We wrapped that in cheese cloth to hang in the walk in for the next 50 days and then we’ll wash off the cure and hang it for another 6 months.

Next we moved on to the lardo and the cheeks. For this cure we used TCM, salt, sugar, thyme, juniper berries, red pepper flakes, and anise seed. These should only take a couple weeks until they are ready and let me tell you, I can’t wait!


2 Responses to “The New Team Member”

  1. Do you have a curing chamber? We’ve been salting our lardo straight up with kosher salt for 1 month then hanging for six months and so far the results have been good. We just pulled out some lardo d’Arnaud from a 3 month black garlic brine but it turned out a bit salty so we are giving it a water soak overnight to reduce the salinity then we’ll check it again and see if we are ready to hang. The Arnaud is nice when you get the salinity down, 3 months and it’s ready to go. We are working on a mounting sauces in the vitamix with our mangalitsa lardo, hoping for a cured foie effect. More tests tomorrow with our abundance of cured fat.

    • Chris Amendola Says:

      Nice man that sounds awesome, we don’t have a curing chamber yet, I am going to try and build something when we slow down a little. So for now it will just sit in the walk in. I can’t wait till they are ready, I love lardo.

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