New Menu

We have been super busy these past couple weeks. Finally, I’m starting to feel a little more comfortable with everything.  I love getting all this fresh produce right from our farmers. The quality is so amazing. We have been changing the menus weekly based on what the farmers are harvesting.

Here are a couple of our new menu items. This is the leg and thigh of a chicken. We sous vide it with butter and thyme, added a parmesan fluid gel, local cherry tomatoes, and basil.

This is one of my personal favorites,  shrimp and grits. The grits are from a local mill, we used rock shrimp and one of my favorite sauces, chorizo cream.

This is heirloom tomatoes with house made ricotta cheese, raspberries and a balsamic reduction.

They are not the greatest pictures, we were in the middle of service and my camera was dying fast but it works for now.


3 Responses to “New Menu”

  1. Nice , really nice… You are finally finding your own voice and you deserve all this glory …

    NYC this year ?

    • Chris Amendola Says:

      Thanks man, I am going to try and get there this year, not to sure tho. I am only about 2hr from nyc now, so it might make it easier.

  2. You better make it to NYC! We are going to tear it up again this year. Baxter is coming with me, I have a room so you can crash with me. Food looks good brother.

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