Local Rabbit

We had some really nice rabbit come in today, so I decided to cook it for some VIP guests.

This is bacon wrapped rabbit, farro and carrots. I decided to try something a little different. I sous vide the rabbit at 52 degrees Celsius with thyme for approximately two hours, crisped the bacon & served.

It came out spectacular.


2 Responses to “Local Rabbit”

  1. You should try farro verde or picollo from anson mills if you haven’t already, really great products.

    • Chris Amendola Says:

      That’s who we used at McCradys, all of their product is awesome. They wont let me use them here because they do not want to pay cod for the first couple purchases, which sucks, but not much to do about it. But agreed, they have really good farro, you should check out their flours too.

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