Battle – Cured Duck

The stage is set – Cafe Dupont kitchen
Weapon of choice – 4 Duck breasts each

We had some left over duck breast from a recent special menu. One of my cooks challenged me to a duck ham battle. I couldn’t refuse a good challenge so the battle was on.

We each started with 4 duck breasts. He is using the traditional method of curing with salt and sugar (photo below), and I am going a little more modern with a smoked powder, TCM and thyme cure (photo above).

I will change out my cure after 24 hrs, start again with a fresh cure and repeat for 2 days. Then I will let it hang for 3 weeks. He is curing his duck for 1 day and hanging it for 8 days.

We will see how they come out. This could be the start of some interesting curing projects for our restaurant.

Stay tuned for battle cured duck results….


One Response to “Battle – Cured Duck”

  1. chris, had some questions about a couple of the things i saw at mccrady’s and that your doing. Danny said you may be able to help me out a bit. Hit me up if you get a chance.

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