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Eggnog And Bourbon

Posted in Liquor Clarification with tags , on December 15, 2009 by Chris Amendola

This is the start of my eggnog infused bourbon. This is a genius technique on how to clarify liquor. I learned this when I was at ICC in NY, I took eggnog and mixed it with bourbon, then froze it with nitro and then hung it in the freezer. Liquor only freezes with nitro so when you hang it in the freezer and the liquor comes back down to the freezers temperature it drips down with all the favors of what you used (in my case eggnog) and leaves everything else frozen.


Battle – Cured Duck

Posted in Cured duck with tags , on December 2, 2009 by Chris Amendola

The stage is set – Cafe Dupont kitchen
Weapon of choice – 4 Duck breasts each

We had some left over duck breast from a recent special menu. One of my cooks challenged me to a duck ham battle. I couldn’t refuse a good challenge so the battle was on.

We each started with 4 duck breasts. He is using the traditional method of curing with salt and sugar (photo below), and I am going a little more modern with a smoked powder, TCM and thyme cure (photo above).

I will change out my cure after 24 hrs, start again with a fresh cure and repeat for 2 days. Then I will let it hang for 3 weeks. He is curing his duck for 1 day and hanging it for 8 days.

We will see how they come out. This could be the start of some interesting curing projects for our restaurant.

Stay tuned for battle cured duck results….