The End of a Busy Week

This past week was crazy busy. It all started with Tuesday’s Taste of Dupont, which included making 200 liquid center ravs, then Wednesday’s tasting of my new winter menu for the executives, then Thursday’s VIP tasting menu, Friday and Saturday night service and finally today’s demo at the local farmers market.

I demonstrated a seared diver scallop with an apple and fennel salad served with a warm cup of apple cider. It was kind of nerve wracking though to have a crowd standing there watching my every move. I have never been good talking in front of people but after the first few minutes went by it got easier. Sleep deprivation didn’t help. I just really wanted to get it over and end this week.

Starting Wednesday I have 5 days off. I’m heading off to enjoy myself down in Florida for a couple days. See some old friends, relax and eat some good food.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!


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