Sustainable Seafood


I signed this petition today to boycott all Canadian seafood.

As a Chef I believe we should be supporting sustainable seafood. The menu selections we choose can have a huge impact on commercial fishermen and the species they choose to fish. We can and should do our part to prevent over-fishing of any one particular species. If we don’t buy it they won’t catch it.

I don’t believe in wiping out a species of fish because that’s what our customers are familiar with. There are hundreds of different types fish; we as chefs have a responsibility to educate the public by sharing new, different and delicious types of fish with our customers.

I am using only sustainable seafood in my kitchen. I will not buy Canadian seafood or any other over-fished species and hope other chef’s will do the same.

Let’s do our part so our kids’ kids can enjoy the fish we have today.


2 Responses to “Sustainable Seafood”

  1. Interesting information about sustainable seafood. Could you provide the link for the petition? I would like to add my name.

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