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Roadside Stands

Posted in BBQ pork ribs with tags , on August 23, 2009 by Chris Amendola

bbq stand

Yesterday, I was on my way to pick up some fish for the restaurant when right in the middle of nowhere I saw this roadside stand selling BBQ. I was hungry and decided that I would love to eat some BBQ, so I stopped.
bbq ribs
These were some of the best pork ribs I have had in a very long time. How come some of the best food comes from roadside stands???? ;


Lychee Juice

Posted in lychee with tags on August 18, 2009 by Chris Amendola

Lychee Juice

We had some left over fresh lychees from a special function. I juiced them and clarified it with 2% agar. It worked really well going from a milky white color to a clear liquid.

Then I decided to try out an idea I had and make “fruit roll ups”  with it. I started the process and was cooling the lychee juice on a tray to set the gel. I left the kitchen for a minute and when I came back it was gone…… someone didn’t see the clear gel on the clear tray and took it to dish.

Lesson of the day….. Don’t leave clear gels on a clear tray alone for more than 2 min in a kitchen!

Sustainable Seafood

Posted in Golden Tilefish, Sustainable seafood with tags , on August 17, 2009 by Chris Amendola


I signed this petition today to boycott all Canadian seafood.

As a Chef I believe we should be supporting sustainable seafood. The menu selections we choose can have a huge impact on commercial fishermen and the species they choose to fish. We can and should do our part to prevent over-fishing of any one particular species. If we don’t buy it they won’t catch it.

I don’t believe in wiping out a species of fish because that’s what our customers are familiar with. There are hundreds of different types fish; we as chefs have a responsibility to educate the public by sharing new, different and delicious types of fish with our customers.

I am using only sustainable seafood in my kitchen. I will not buy Canadian seafood or any other over-fished species and hope other chef’s will do the same.

Let’s do our part so our kids’ kids can enjoy the fish we have today.

Fried Truffle

Posted in rice starch, Tapioca, truffle oil with tags , on August 17, 2009 by Chris Amendola

Fried Truffle

I received this sample of rice starch.  I had this idea to use it in a way similar to tapioca starch. I emulsified truffle oil into water, then mixed it with the starch, steamed it, dehydrated it then fried it. It came out a lot better than using tapioca starch.

Smoked Out

Posted in nitro on August 2, 2009 by Chris Amendola


This is what happens when I have left over nitro, the frist time I did it to my dishwasher, he freaked out and ran out the kitchen. Good  times!

Raspberry Mouse Truffles

Posted in chocolate, Raspberry Mouse, truffle on August 2, 2009 by Chris Amendola

raspberry truffles

Since I don’t have a pastry chef, I have been trying to juggle doing pastries, too. It hasn’t been easy. It took me forever to get these Truffles right.  Thanks to a friend of mine who is a pastry chef, I finally got it right. They came out really nice; rich, dark, crunchy chocolate surrounding a soft light mouse.


Posted in chocolate, fruit with tags , , , on August 2, 2009 by Chris Amendola

Chocolate Cherrys

I received some really nice cherries the other day that were perfectly ripe. I decided to use them as mignurdises and just dipped them in some chocolate. They were awesome! So simple but so good.