I finally received my methocel,  so I did a special with it tonight. I made some ricotta cheese and mixed it with the methocel, then paired that with seared scallops, basil pesto, cherry tomatoes that were confit in evoo and olive brine and an olive powder. It was perfect for today, a nice lite dish on a hot day.


2 Responses to “Methocel”

  1. ellen kirouac Says:

    Okay Chris, not being a chef of your caliber.. only an inquisitive foodie I would like to know what METHOCEL is. I looked it up on google but still it is a mystery. If you have the time and inclination please inform me about it and how you use it .. and why.

    Keep on cooking and experimenting…. best to you, Ellen

    • Chris Amendola Says:

      Hello Ellen

      Methylcellulose is a gelling agent used in a way that is similar to gelatin, but it reacts oppositely. It sets to a gel when it gets hot and back to a liquid or puree when cold. It also helps with other things, for instance an emulsifying agent, so you could make a hollandaise sauce that will never break, no matter how hot or cold it gets.

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