My Walk to Work

Fig Tree

Its good to know that you can be in a big city and still walk down the street and see food growing wild. Here is a Fig tree that is  a block from my restaurant. I can’t wait until they get ripe so I can pick them and cook with them in my restaurant.

Wild strawberry

This patch of strawberry’s is just growing right in the middle of the sidewalk. They are awesome, a little tart and sweet.

Wild Lavender

And, there is this huge lavender plant just growing. It smells so good every time I walk by. I picked some of the flowers and cooked with them at my restaurant. Lavender and carrots is one of my favorite food combination’s .


Nasturtium is one of my personal favorite herbs. My nasturtium plant just recently passed on due to being over run with aphids, so I “borrow” some from here.


One Response to “My Walk to Work”

  1. I love those tiny wild strawberries. Imagine finding them right in the heart of Washington, DC.

    Umm, carrots and lavender sounds delicious.

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