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Gelled Chocolate

Posted in Amenitys, chocolate, fruit with tags , on June 28, 2009 by Chris Amendola

gelled chocolate 1

Here is an amenity that I did today for another VIP guest.  I could not get a good picture in its whole so I just did individuals. This one is gelled chocolate (carrageenan) with strawberry caviar and p nut butter powder,

Gelled chocolate 2

this one is coffee powder with toasted hazel nuts,

Gelled chocolate 3

then this one is almond powder with orange caviar. kinda cool. I was hoping something would come out a little better but I was rushed. Oh well, I’ll have to tweak this one some other time.


My Walk to Work

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Fig Tree

Its good to know that you can be in a big city and still walk down the street and see food growing wild. Here is a Fig tree that is  a block from my restaurant. I can’t wait until they get ripe so I can pick them and cook with them in my restaurant.

Wild strawberry

This patch of strawberry’s is just growing right in the middle of the sidewalk. They are awesome, a little tart and sweet.

Wild Lavender

And, there is this huge lavender plant just growing. It smells so good every time I walk by. I picked some of the flowers and cooked with them at my restaurant. Lavender and carrots is one of my favorite food combination’s .


Nasturtium is one of my personal favorite herbs. My nasturtium plant just recently passed on due to being over run with aphids, so I “borrow” some from here.

Some of our Toys

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I found this HE tank in the hotel, not to sure what I can do with it yet but I’m  sure I’ll think of something.

paco jet

A paco jet, cant wait to do some crazy sorbets,

Baby Ln2

its my baby Ln2 tank,


some of my gums, still waiting for more to come.


Daddy Ln2

and my big tank of Ln2, I love this stuff, its just fun to freeze anything.

A Cool Amenity….

Posted in Amenitys on June 24, 2009 by Chris Amendola

Choco Amenity

I did this for a V.I.P guest who was staying at the hotel with us. Starting from left to right. White chocolate and caviar. I made the caviar out of coffee and agar, next is a strawberry that got injected with sprite then dipped in chocolate with pop rocks, then a powdered p-nut butter cup.